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Keeping in view the safety of your child we would like you to undertake the following rules and regulation as framed by the management of the institution which is mentioned herein below :
1. Students should form a line before boarding and off-loading from the bus.
2. Students should maintain complete discipline in the bus stand as well as in the school bus.
3. Students should speak silently among each other while riding the school bus.
4. Student should silently take the sit on boarding the bus.
5. Other rules as may be given in the student’s rule book.

I do hereby declare that all the information furnished by me is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief and also certify that my Son/ Daughter is applying for hostel accommodation on SDIS campus with my permission and I undertake to that I shall be responsible for his/her good behavior in the campus and shall accept all decisions of the Management as shall be assigned to these effect. I shall also be responsible to pay all the hostel dues, if any, against my son / Daughter.