Higher secondary school

The CBSE program in the 8th grade prepares students for secondary school program. The assessment and curriculum strictly follow CBSE pattern. The program for grades 9-12 prepares students to seek admissions in professional courses and Universities worldwide. In addition to regular academic courses, school facilitates preparing for competitive and qualifying examinations such as ASSET, DUKE TIP, SAT, AP programs, IIT JEE, AIPMT, CET, KVPY etc,

System of grading in school

  • Pre- school – Pre-nursery to KG
  • Primary-school – Class1 to Class 4
  • Middle- School – Class 5 to Class 8
  • High School – Class 9 to Class 10
  • Higher Secondary school – Class 11 & Class 12


Assessing the Progress

Students are assessed round the clock on their age appropriate skills. The yard sticks of assessment go to the deepest level of analyzing a child’s overall personality development, emphasizing on intellectual emotional and social growth


In addition to that:

The promoters of SDIS have come up with the idea of providing education in a more scientific manner which provides complete development of a child from pre-nursery level till class 12. Moreover in addition to that SDIS has come up with an idea of student growth index. It is an online platform wherein the growth of each and every student is measured with reference to a standard index put up by our educational experts. The IQ level, the maturity of a child at a particular level, the physical development of a child that would be required at all stages of life will be monitored individually by this web platform.