Director’s Message

Mr. Abhijit Mukherjee

Dear Readers,
It is my utmost pleasure as a Director of the school to tell you that the city of Bankura will now be illuminated with the colours of education, culture, sports, heritage and music. In the honour of his beloved mother late Saraswati Devi Sarkar, our Chairman Sir CA Shri Pankaj Kumar Sarkar is going to set up a premier Educational institution "SARASWATI DEVI INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL" with modern facilities catering to the demands of the 22nd Century. It is built on international lines maintaining the world wide accepted protocols for educational industry. Saraswati Devi International School is an educational hub, integrating students, teachers and renowned educationists from various corners of the world.

Education is not mere learning through books and appearing for exams. It has a bigger domain. Education is something that provides for complete development of a child right from academics to personal development. A child should have moral values and discipline, that will guide him throughout his life, to achieve success. True education is something that transforms a child into a good human being and allows him to prosper in life.

Apart from academics the school has professional coaching for renowned sports like archew, rifle shooting, horse riding, skating, gymnastics, basketball, lawn tennis, table tennis, yoga, swimming etc. As a director, I visualize every student securing a good position in co-curricular activities and sports, apart from academics. Mr. Abhijit Mukherjee

The philosophy of our school is to permit and facilitate the achievements of subjective individuality. Thus, this School attempts to extract the uniqueness in each individual and nurture their growth. Our goal is to teach students with innovative strategies and modern technology, so that they perform well not only in CBSE exams but also in various competitive exams. Our focus being discipline, a caring attitude, personalised attention, instilling a spirit of humility in the minds of the children in order to enable them to meet the challenges of this millennium, so that they excel with flying colours.

We also nurture the growth of individual students by grooming them in:

  • Leadership Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Decision making &Thinking Skills
  • Integration of practical and theoretical knowledge
  • Character, Discipline & Value Education
  • Skills & Attitudes which help them to adapt to social changes
  • Development of creative & innovative learning
  • Co-operative learning
I wish all my beloved students a great enriching experience in my school.